Sunday, April 13, 2008

This week!

This past week has been pretty busy.

Monday- i took my Poppy for some testing at the hospital.

Tuesday- I took my Poppy to the doctor, but we didnt get to see him because he had emergency surgery.
That night we went to dinner with some friends who are moving to Houston very soon. Sniff! Sniff. I am going to miss them terribly as they have become such an important part of my family. We had a wonderful time eating at a local pizza joint.

Wednesday- Brett and Hunter went to the Masters courtesy of Chris! Thanks Chris! I went after lunch and picked Hunter up and Chris went and met Brett to watch the par three. I am so glad that Brett and Chris got to do something together before Chris moves.

Thursday - Summer went to her dads for the weekend and Hunter went to spend the night with Nana so Brett and I went with our friend Heather to eat Mexican! YUM-O!!!!

Friday- I had to take Poppy back to the doctor that we didnt get to see on Monday. We did not get a very good prognosis. My grandfather, it seems, is in his last days on this earth and i am just trying to enjoy the time that we have left together and make him as comfortable as i possibly can. I just am trying to remember that whatever happens it is God's will.
That night we went to dinner at Altanta Bread Company.

Saturday- We got breakfast from Chic-fil-a(as you can tell im not a cooker), I went up to Poppy's for a couple of hours while Brett got his stuff together for his business trip(he is going to a conference in St. Louis). After i got back and got showered and ready to go out we went and ran some errands and picked up a few last minute things that he needed for his trip.
That night he had a "man" shower for a friend that he is in his wedding in June, so Hunter and i just chilled at the house for a bit. After Brett got back we went to some friends for a while and then home to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks. It was cute!!!

Sunday- Today we took Brett to the local airport and he left for his trip. He will be back on Friday. Friday will not get here soon enough!

Please keep Poppy in your prayers and me too. Its pretty hard dealing with all this. BUT i know that through my faith in GOD that he will see me through this.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Long overdue!!!

It has been a REALLY long time since i blogged so i am not going to try and go back and catch everyone up i am just going forward from here!!!

Last week on the 20th was my baby girls THIRTEENTH birthday!!!! Happy Birthday baby girl!!! i love you sooo much!!! The night after her birthday she has a big birthday bash!!! We had family there and she also had about twelve friends there too. They danced the electric slide, the cha cha slide and tried to dance the "thriller" dance. They played Guitar hero, Dance dance revolution and Sing Star. They had a blast acting goofy and silly! It was great to be able to celebrate this milestone in her life with our friends and family.

Pics to follow!

We had a very interesting afternoon today. One of our dogs bit her on the face, so it was off to the doctor. He didnt want to put stitches in it in case it gets infected. She looks pitiful!!!!

We are in the process of remodeling our master bath. It had this hideous wallpaper. That was a nightmare to take off. When our house was built they put the wallpaper on the sheet rock without sealing the sheet rock first. It took loads and loads of putty and sanding to get it right. We have repainted the walls, put up wainscoting on the bottom half of the wall, put down porcelain tile on the floor, new light fixtures and have gotten our cabinets primed and ready to paint. They are currently ugly wood color and they will be white. I have purchased a new shower curtain and liner, bath mat, towels, and towel rack. I cant wait to see it all finished!! It is going to to be marvelous baby!!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things that make me smile :-)

1. Watching my kids play together.

2. Knowing that God is with me every step of the way.

3. My family.

4. My puppy Jack.

5. Sunsets.

6. The Beach.

7. My silky blue blanket.

8. Pink

9. The Christmas Season.

10. Clean Sheets.

11. My sexy Hubby.

12. Candles

13. Smell of fresh cut grass.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Puppy Love

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

IM BACK!!!!!!!

Sorry i have been AWOL from the blogworld... there has just been so much going on in my life and i haven't taken the time for me.... you know how it is... kids, hubby, dogs, school, soccer, church... and so on and so on..... really no excuse for it but i just haven't made time for ME!!! Blogging is ME time.... i really enjoy it and don't do it nearly enough. i haven't even take time to read lately. oh the HORROR!!!!!

My sister let me borrow the new Paula Deen book so I'm really excited to get a chance to read that!!!

Kids are back in school and things are going well on that front. Hunter is now in second grade. He likes his teacher and i like her too. She is younger and does things differently so that's a good thing. He had a few people in his class from last year.

Summer is in the seventh grade this year. Am i getting old or what?? She is doing well. She is working really hard to get good grades. Brett told her that if she made A's and B's for the semester he would buy her an ipod! She really is excited about that. And she is a really good kid despite her mouth sometimes.... typical teenager!!! She loves to be with her friends....

Oh and her friends call me the "cool mom". Imagine that? Me? the cool mom? I'm not sure why, but hey id rather not be the "mean mom". ha ha ha! I love her little best girlfriends. they are soo sweet. they practically live at my house. one lives in a house diagonally to the right of us and on lives diagonally to the left of us. so they are constantly walking back and forth.... GIRLS!!!

Hunter started soccer last night and he starts RA's(missions class) at church tonight. It is so nice to get back in the swing of things from summer time.

AWANAS starts Sunday night at church. i am teaching the kindergarten class. Pray for me please!!!

Brett and I have an anniversary coming up on the 19th. I'm sure we aren't planning on doing anything special because Brett is going to be in a wedding in October and we will be going out of town for that for four days. Should be fun. I gotta find something to wear...... several things!!!

I promise to be more faithful about blogging!!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Cool link!

Go check out Christian Stay At home Moms blog

you can register to win $25 giftcard!!! it is a very cool site and i have enjoyed reading it!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

When it rains it pours!!!!

Well things only went from bad to worse!!!! My last post was about my car dieing, so it was a bad week. It only got worse.....

I was soooo excited on Sunday because we were leaving for vacation to go to Orlando. We get the van all packed up and ready to go. We are literally backing up out of the drive way on our way about 2 pm and the battery light comes on in the van. UGH!!! SOOO, we pull back up in the driveway and Brett goes inside to call our mechanic. We had shut off the car and I tried to crank it up again and it wouldn't. The mechanic comes to the house and tests the alternator that we had replaced on Saturday and apparently it was bad!!!!! We weren't going to be able to get a new alternator until Monday and get it fixed until Monday night. We sat around the house for a couple of hours trying to decide what to do...... we FINALLY decided that we would take Brett's car.

We unload the van and put everything in Brett's car. Put the turtle on the top, get the luggage in, get the kids settled in and we are on our way! YAAAAY! We get about 15 minutes down the road and I casually ask Brett if he has our resort conformation and Sea World/Busch Gardens tickets. Um NO!!! We turn around and head back to the house to pick these things up! We pick them up and head back on the road. YAAAAY! We are traveling down the road having a good ole time. We stopped at McDonald's and got something to eat.

About 11PM we stop to get something to drink and for a potty break. I decided to drive for a while so Brett could sleep. I'm chugging along and jammin to the radio and i notice that the temperature gauge is starting to go up. It slowly creeps into the red. So i pull off the side of the road and we sit there for a little while and let it go back down. We head off again and after a few minutes it starts to go up again so i start driving a little faster to get to the exit ramp. As i am pulling off of the exit ramp the car. shuts. off!!!!! GREAAT!!!! I let the car coast as far as it would and pull way off the road. We have previously had overheating problems with his car and if it would sit for a while it would always cool off and do fine. SOOOOO, from about 12 midnight we(Me, Brett, my two kids and my inlaws) are sitting on the side of I-95 in the pitch black dark. We call a wrecker to come and tow the car for us, we waited for about and hour and 10 minutes. It was 2:30 by the time the guy came. He was nice enough to take the kids and the inlaws to the nearest hotel for us and then return to pick Brett and i up along with the car. We finally get settled into the hotel around 3:30 AM Monday morning. We all crashed and decided we would figure out what to do the next morning.

Fast forward to Monday morning. Brett and I get up and he goes out and the car wont crank. We called the wrecker again and he took the car, Brett and I to the garage. We waited around for a little bit for them to check the car out. There was a walgreens across the street so we walked over there and got something to drink. While there the guy from the garage called and said that he couldn't fix it and that he said he thought it was a head gasket. Which is what we already had fixed on his car. Poor Brett was losing it at this point. All we could think about was that we were stranded in Florida 400 miles from home, no car and no way to get our kids to a vacation. VERY STRESSFUL!!! We decide to leave the car there at the garage and we walk back to the hotel. I think it was about 3 miles. Maybe a little less. It was really hot!!!

Brett's sister and brother and his family decided that they were going to come and get us. They arrived early Tuesday AM about 1 i think. Darlynn brought her suburban and Brad brought his truck with a car trailer. We picked up the car and headed home. After a few stops and some food we finally got home about 6:30 PM tonight.

I am very sad that we didn't get to finish our vacation but i am thankful to God that we all made it home safe and that we have family and friends that we can rely on. So here we are at home with 2 broke cars, just trying to calm down and laugh at the situation. That is a very hard thing to do.

Hopefully the week will get better!